We are proud to announce the first year of our BAC Artivism Fellowship - created to support artist-activists using their tools to have an impact on the world around them. The Fellowship will provide financial support, mentorship, networking opportunities and education workshops. The inaugural year of the Fellowship will specifically support Black women, cisgender and transgender, who are artist-activists focused on issues related to systemic racism and criminal justice reform and using narrative or stories in their work. 


The Fellowship will support a group of women over the course of six months and will culminate in a public presentation of their work. The Fellowship will begin December 2020 and last until May 2021.

The nominating committee for this year's Fellowship includes: 

Zakiyah Ansari, Amber Iman, Andy Jean, Imani Mfalme, and Liza Jessie Peterson

Applications are open to any artist based in the United States and to all artists that center their work in stories and narrative.


The applications are now closed. Stay tuned for our announcement of the ten fellows.


If you are interested in making a larger donation to support the Fellowship, please click here to email our Executive Director.


I’m not a Black woman. Can I still apply? 

Unfortunately, no. For this class of fellows, we are looking to uplift and support Black women only - both cisgender and transgender - but future fellowships will support different groups of artists-activists so please sign up for our email list to learn about future fellowships.

I am non-binary. Can I apply?
This particular year of the fellowship is meant to support those that live their lives as Black women. If that is your experience then we welcome you to apply. We will not be specifically screening out non-binary applicants but we are also looking forward to a separate fellowship in the future that would specifically make space for supporting and uplifting non binary artist-activists.

I’m not a U.S. Citizen. Can I still apply? 

We support all individuals working towards racial equality and social change. However, at this moment, we are only able to provide financial support to U.S. citizens. 


What do I have to do in order to apply? 

You’ll need to complete this application. We ask for information about you as an artist-activist and for some examples of your work. 


I see that you’re a New York City based organization. Do I need to be based in New York to be considered? 

No. We welcome artist-activists from around the country to apply. Due to Covid-19, we anticipate meeting virtually, and that allows us to work with artist-activists both here in New York and elsewhere in the U.S. 


I don’t have a portfolio of my work. Is that necessary? 

Not at all. We will accept whatever examples of your artistry and activism you have to share. 


What is the timeline for acceptance into the fellowship?

Applications are open now and will close on September 29, 2020. The selected class of fellows will be announced in November 2020. 


How long is the fellowship? 

The fellowship is a six month commitment. Following the selection of the fellows in November 2020, the cohort will start meeting in December 2020. May 2021 will be the final month of the fellowship as well as the final presentation. 


How much is the financial support? 

The Artivism Fellowship will provide $1,000 to each fellow selected. Additional support around each fellow's final project will also be available. 


What’s the final presentation? 

Part of the commitment from BAC to the fellows is to provide a platform to amplify and uplift the work of the women. We will work with you over the six months to further develop one of your projects, and we will provide resources to support a presentation of the work of the cohort in May 2021. 


What’s expected of me as a fellow? 

There will be regular gatherings of the fellows, BAC staff, and mentors over the course of six months. At the beginning of the fellowship you’ll be provided with a calendar of activity, and it’s expected that you attend all sessions. While we’re still finalizing the details of the program, there will be at least monthly sessions which will grow in frequency towards the end of the six months. Additionally, BAC will support the development of one of your artistic projects over the six months, culminating in a final presentation. 


What are you hoping to achieve by doing this fellowship? 

At BAC we believe in the power of the arts to support and promote social change. We believe that if more artists were given the tools, resources, and relationships to use their skills towards promoting change, the world would be a more just and equitable place. We hope to uplift, support and amplify the work of these fellows and artists. We also know that we’re not the only ones doing this work, and it’s important that we acknowledge and uplift the Black women already existing in this space. 


Will you be doing this fellowship again? 

Yes, it’s our intent that this is the first year of an annual fellowship. 


What if I have more questions than those listed here?

You can reach out to Alyssa Simmons, Artivism Fellowship Program Manager at She’s happy to help!

Photos by William Alatriste

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