We are seeking an experienced individual to co-lead the organization’s artistic advocacy endeavors over the next several years. 


The ideal candidate is:


  • Passionate about the intersection of arts and advocacy.

  • Deeply experienced in their craft as an artist and experienced at channeling their artistry to have an impact on the world around them.

  • A natural leader and organizer who is excited to bridge the theatrical industry and criminal justice space.

  • Eager to listen and learn from Black leadership, artists and advocates and ia suited to cultivate personal relationships that enable trust, feedback and accountability to organizational values.


Responsibilities include: 




  • Working with partners on developing projects from initial idea to fully realized collaboration in line with BAC’s mission and work. 

  • Overseeing all Broadway relationships and managing Industry-related committees.

  • Identifying relevant stakeholders in the theater industry and engaging them in the goals of our work around equity and anti-racism. 

  • Designing and overseeing all Impact Projects and workshops, ensuring integrity of all projects in collaboration with the Policy Director and Community Engagement Director

  • Collaborating with the other Co-Artistic Director, Policy Director and Community Engagement Director as needed for each project and to integrate Broadway/Theatrical and Criminal Justice work.

  • Overseeing and engaging the Artist Impact Team.

  • Overseeing the Artivism Fellowship and organizing team.




  • Working with the Policy Director and Community Engagement Director to mobilize BAC’s Theater Of Change principles for new projects, workshops and collaborations.

  • Devising, facilitating, staffing and supporting teams that create and execute theater industry and criminal justice programming including public events, coalition building, fellowships, and workshops.

  • Ensuring accountability of above programming including overseeing goals, execution, and follow up.

  • Developing projects and partnerships in collaboration with directly affected individuals

  • Facilitating workshops and devising and creating additional workshops and workshop curriculum with other leadership team members 

  • Working with the Policy and Research Director and Community Engagement Director to ensure implementation of that ToC methodology in projects and collaborations

  • Primary director for all teaching artists and playing a central role in preparing the facilitators in collaboration with the Policy Director and Community Engagement Director. This includes developing training for all new facilitators alongside the leadership team.

  • Working with Artistic Director, Policy Director, and appropriate staff to keep all advocacy-based projects moving and engaging the relevant stakeholders

  • Working with the Policy and Research Director & Artistic Director to link creative projects with policy goals and outcomes and to develop the core Theater of Change methodology




  • Collaborating with the Executive Director on grant applications to ensure they accurately reflect the work and programming of BAC.

  • Working with the leadership team on broader strategic planning and organizational development.

  • Consulting on industry communication strategy, including marketing, press and social media.

The role serves on the leadership team but reports to the Executive Director and oversees the artist impact team, all facilitators, and project leads for individual programs. This role is close to full time but may allow for some outside projects.



To be negotiated based on experience. 




To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to:

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