The Theatre of Change  is a groundbreaking methodology developed as a collaboration between the Broadway Advocacy Coalition and the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School. The process brings together high-level artists, law and policy students and experts, and directly impacted advocates to collaborate as equal partners in the creation of arts-based performance pieces that have an engagement strategy to target specific policies.


The Theater of Change Forum will take place at Columbia Law School from October 18th to October 20th. During the forum, participants will choose to partake in one of four workshop groups, each focusing on a different policy area: education equity, parole and re-entry, community economic development, and political participation of formerly incarcerated people. In these groups, participants will:

  • Learn the essentials of narrative storytelling from Broadway professionals with credits from Hamilton to Waitress to Fun Home

  • Dissect the policy landscape of this issue and the strategies involved in existing campaigns to push these policies towards justice for those directly impacted

  • Explore how the arts can be strategically employed in these projects to amplify impact of ongoing work, and create quick, collaborative performance pieces with an engagement strategy, to be performed in “theaters of change” where policy making happens

  • Plant seeds for future collaborations and ongoing work

Additional workshop moderators include Columbia University professors and community activists.

Admission is rolling but all applications must be received by October 1st.

Are you a Columbia University student or working with one of our partners and looking to apply? CLICK HERE to access that application.

Photos by William Alatriste

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